Specific Audits

What are the Specific Audits?

They are audits with a specific and defined scope to the area to be audited, emerging from the need or concern patent of the customer by the indicents or anomalies detected in the field requested. The general procedure of audits will be followed, applying the reference regulation and technical criteria concrete to the specific matter being audited.

Field of the Specific Audits:

Carrying-out specific audits of certain areas, activities or elements of the company, such as: Coordination of business activities, personal protective equipment, collective protective equipment, work teams, signposting, machinery, accidents investigation, fire protection facilities or chemical products storage, or the demanded ones that the customer estimates appropiate.


Obtained Benefits:

The specific audits will be useful to detect non-conformities in the audited scope, remaining reflected in the specific audit report, as well as the recommendations and proposals of the improvement action plan. The audits done by Adpreven in the companies improve the system of prevention management, reducing the costs derived from the no-prevention.


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