Implementation of OHSAS 18001 Management Systems

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In what consists the implementation of the OHSAS 18001:07 management Systems?

The occupational risk prevention management system constitutes a mechanism or tool to achieve the continuous improvement, for the organization to achieve the objectives, at strategic and technical level, that is proposed in the area of occupational risks prevention, as well as the experience needed for the realization of implementation projects of OHSAS 18001:07 management systems.

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Advantages of the implementation of a OHSAS 18001 management system.

The continuous improvement in the occupational risks prevention area, translates into a decrease of the risks that can be exposed to the works, and therefore in a reduction of industrial accidents and professional diseases with the consequent reduction of business costs. The application of the continuous improvement cycle has a positive impact in all of the elements that compose the preventive system:

  • Improvement of the working environment
  • Increase of the productivity, which at the same time helps the competitiveness in the company.
  • Establishing a clear safety and health policy helps to identify and fulfill the health and safety legislation.
  • Involving both the direction and the staff in the asigned functions and responsabilities of prevention.
  • Implement, maintain and improve continually a PRL management system, and evaluate the results according to the policy and the set objectives, looking for possible areas of improvement. Allows to review and audit the system.

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Why implement a OHSAS 18001 management system?

  • Because the company already has implemented a Management System and wants to adapt it to the Ohsas standard.
  • Because the company wants to implement a Management System and doesn’t know what model to follow.
  • Because the company wants to promote the integration of the prevention to all of the company.
  • To promote the preventive culture in the company.
  • To show to third parties that the company has a PRL System recognized internationally .

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