Occupation Risks prevention Audit. Risks prevention Audit - Experts (Regulations, Ohsas 18001 Certification, Voluntary, etc)

prevention audit

The Prevention Audit constitutes the only tool to do an effective fulfillment tracing of the preventing activities developed by the companies, whether they assume the prevention or they have it partially or completely externalized.

Among the advantages obtained in the prevention audits realization, we can find:
  • Verification of the legal compliance and increase of the legal safety of the company.
  • Correction of the detected deviations.
  • Opportunities of improvement of the preventing system.
  • Reduction of accidents and professional diseases.
  • Improvement of the inner satisfaction of all the organization  components
  • Commitment with customers and suppliers in the reduction of occupational risks.

prevention auditAdpreven is an Accredited Entity at National Level for the realization of Prevention Audits according to the R.D.39/1997 and the Certifier of Health and Management of Safety Systems Ohsas 18001:07. At Adpreven we have been developing Occupational Risks prevention Audits, for the last 15 years, in different companies, mainly big and medium companies, in every activity, communities and provinces of the national territory.

There are different types of Ocuppational Risks prevention Audits, which are mainly differentiated by the aspects to audit, reach and metholodogy. One of the most known Prevention Audit is the realization of the Legal or Regulatory Audit. For the realization of this audit we rely on the established criteria in the ANEPA “quality criteria for the realization of the Prevention Audits”, criteria by which we develop a serious, objective and analytical job, and at a competitive price with a quality result, which has been checked by a high number of work inspections, and visits of the Health and Safety Regional Institutions and Cabinets technicians.

The objective of this prevention Audit consists of checking the applicable legal requirements and detecting any kind of deviation of the legal compliance. The final objective is not oversight, but from a constructive point of view, expose the deviations, in order for the company to create action plans so they can be solved in a reasonable amount of time.

Nevertheless, in any prevention Audits, the auditor always proposes observation to implement the continuous imporvement of the prevention management system. We guarantee a high legal safety to the companies which have been subject to any of our occupational risks audits and specially to the regulatory Audit. The occupational risks audit of the 18007 Ohsas Certification is another one of the types of audits developed by Adpreven. Currently, we have a fair number of certified companies in all of the national territory. Adpreven guarantees the impartiality following the criteria found in the UNE-EN-ISO/IEC 17021:2006 rule.

The Ohsas Certification establishes a system which if it is well managed can be an useful tool for the achievement of a continuous improvement of the accident and being able to achieve a recognized model of excellence.

There are other types of occupation risks prevention audits such as the voluntary regulatory audits, intended for very competitive companies and with high requirement standards of safety and health among their workers, and

The Ohsas certification constitues a system that if well managed can be an effective tool for the attainment of a continuous improvement of the accident rate and being able to achieve a recognized excellence model. There are other types of audits of occupational risks prevention like voluntary regulatory audits, destined for very competitive companies with a high requirement of health and safety standards among their workers, and that voluntarily they submit themselves to the prevention legal requirements with the objective of improve and make good use of the experience of submitting themselves to a occupational risks prevention. It is important to emphasizes the functionality of the occupational risks prevention audits prior to the diagnosis, oriented especially to prevention services of recent creation where the preventive activies are not sufficiently developed and planned.

Prevention auditThe prevention audit prior to diagnosis is a good starting point for every own or joint prevention service. Finally, it is also important to emphasize the occupation risks audit a la carte, depending of the customers specifications, for example the so called specific audits in which it is possible to audit specific activities, specific workplaces or sensitive aspects of prevention for the company.

An example of specific audits could be: Biological risks audit, chemical, ergonomy, sensitive workers requirements, health surveillance,  subcontracting control, etc