Legal or Regulatory Audit


The 30.6 Article of the Occupational Risks Preventio Law 31/1995 establishes that “the businessman who had not arranged the prevention service with a foreign specialized entity will have to submit his or her prevention system to the control of a Regulatory Audit or external evaluation”, besides, the 29.2 Article of the Prevention Services Regulation modified by the R.D. 604/2006 adds that “the companies that develop the preventive activities with their own and foreign resources should submite their prevention system to the control of a Regulatory Audit or external evaluation”, therefore, they should submit to a Legal or Regulatory Audit, that is, every company that assumes internally some of the preventive specialities, either is through one or many designated workers, or either through the establishment of an Own Prevention Service or joint exclusively or mixed with specialities hired to one or various Foreign Prevention Services.

Auditoría reglamentaria o legal

Regulatory Audit: Objectives

The Legal or Regulatory Audit is a management instrument that pursues to reflect the true picture of the occupational risks prevention system of the company, assessing its efficiency and detecting the deficiencies that can give room to breaches of the regulations in force to allow the decision-making  directed to its improvement and perfection.

What does the statutory audit include?

The audit will carry out a systematic analysis, documented and objective of the prevention system, which will include the following elements:

Success stories

Adpreven is an accredited Entity at National Level (see credentials) for the implementation of Regulatory Occupational Risks Audits according to the R.D.39/1997.