Outsourcing Documentary Control of Business Activities Coordination BAC

Advantages Outsourcing Documentary Control ODC:

  • The exclusively dedication of the prevention technicians to the preventive activity of the company, and no to the documentary control of the competing companies.
  • Reduction of staff cost at not dedicating own personnel to the activity of requesting, controlling and verifiying documentary the competing companies.
  • Control of the daily documentation of all the competing companies.
  • Access to the results and reports of the fulfillment grade by the customer via on-line from any place.
  • Immediately communication of the pending or expired documentation.
  • Simple and easy to use access by the competing companies to the application and sending of the information via on-line.

Figure of the Coordinator of Business Activities:

When the coordination means are not enough because of the grade of existing danger, affected workers and concurrency level, the figure of a Coordinator of Businesss Activities has to be appointed. Adpreven provides technical Coordinators of Business Activities.


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