Voluntary Audit

To which companies is aimed and what is its goal?

The Voluntary Audit is aimed to those companies that, even having their preventive management completely outsourced with a Foreign Prevention System, wish to know the fulfillment grade, and the efficiency of their Prevention Management System with the objective of perfection and improvement.

What benefits are obtained with the Voluntary Audit?

The information needed to correct possible deficiencies and reinforce weak points. The supervision of the performance of the Foreign Prevention System, since the externalisation of the managament does not involve the externalisation of the responsability. The optimization of the resources given will evaluate their adequacy and distribution. A reliable and objective diagnosis for the decisions-making.

The granting of a Certification of having their Management System submitted to a Voluntary Regulatory Audit, having succesfully overcome it, can be used as a guarantee for their customers, public administrations, presentation to public tenders, etc. In a case of hiring or subcontracting works, it results specially interesting to possess a certification of legislation fulfillment, shortening the quantity of documentation required by the principal contracting company. The possibility of obtaining funding on behalf of the public administrations to implement improvements in Occupational Risks Prevention in those companies that without having legal needs, perform voluntary audits as is indicated in the 39/1997 33 bis article, Prevention Services Regulations. Specifically in the bonus aplication of the value reduction for professional contingencies for the fulfillment of the Voluntary Regulatory Audit as is indicated in the 2.1g) 2nd article of the RD 404/2010.

Some successful cases

A report of Voluntary Regulatory Audit with reccomendations and a proposal for a plan of improvement actions is included.


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