Those companies that fulfill with amplitude the minimal standards of prevention required by the 31/95 Law and its regulatory development and those that have implemented a management system recognized internationally as an instrument of continuous improvement in ORP, and that also want to configure a differential in front  of their rival companies through the OHSAS 18001 Certification of said system.

ISO 45001 Certification
OHSAS 18001:07 Certification: Advantages by Adpreven
  • Economic benefits in the internal management after the reduction of  work accidents and the optimization of the preventive function in the organization.
  • The application of the reduction of the quotation bonus by professional contingencies for the realization of OHSAS 18001 Certification Audits, as indicated in the 2.1 g article) 5th of the RD 404/2010.
  • The companies with OHSAS 18000 Certification will be able to demonstrate  in front of third parties the approval of the implanted system requirements.
  • Improve the corporate image in front of third parties companies (customers, suppliers), and public administration, becoming a distinction factor in front of the competition.
  • Use of corporative identity Adpreven-certification OHSAS 18001:07  in all its documentation.
Some successful cases

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